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George Karavangelas. The farmer-chef from Velvento Kozani talks about his products and his place.

Chatting with him, you can immediately see the love and passion for what he does and the place he lives. A farmer-chef by profession and recently with his own business-industry producing local traditional and modern products under the name <<Myrsini>>.

"Velvento is my place. I was born here and I loved everything.

If you don't love the place where you live you will never manage to prosper," he tells us, stressing that it is equally important: "To understand the environment you live in, so that you can creatively use and develop the possibilities it gives you so that you can both survive economically and have a good quality of life."

This is how Myrsini was created, a new family business based in Velvento, Kozani. <<Our philosophy is to manufacture traditional and modern handmade products, from high quality raw materials from our place and the Greek countryside!!

Our goal is for our products (jams, sauces, pasta, etc.) to enter every kitchen of every home, restaurant, hotel, etc. we create unique flavors>>.

Myrsini products are ideally combined with baked goods, meat, cheeses, salads, sauces, desserts, ice cream! <<Our goal is to provide consumers with products of high nutritional value and unchanged taste, by choosing the right fruits and vegetables. Our products do not contain colorants, flavors and preservatives.

Velvento is one of those villages that many would like to live permanently, away from the intensity of big cities.

The narrow cobbled streets, the old neoclassical houses, the waterfalls, the chapels, the mountain, a rich lake which enchants the visitor and for us here it is a blessing for the crops, take us back in time, while the view to the lake calms and relaxes you. "We locals must first understand the unparalleled beauty of our place and find ways on how to turn it into an agritourism destination, with the aim of attracting Greek and foreign visitors.

Our region has nothing to envy from others in the country. We are living in difficult times in a period after the coronavirus crisis and we must mobilize everyone to achieve our goal" says George. Setbacks, stumbles and misfortunes for me are disguised opportunities for development and progress.

I believe if we all show the same interest, we will give our place the value it deserves!!!



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