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Nothing's better than loving your home and what you do... It's probably the best combination to highlight two things at the same time, on the one hand, the inexhaustible art and imagination of creating pleasant flavors and on the other hand, promoting the products of your home.
"Myrsini", based in Velventos Kozani, embraced these two things, where through the love for processing, tasting, evolution, and respect for tradition, it highlights the famous products of Velventos, and the Greek countryside in its own special way.
Specializing in jams, sauces, pasta, pickles, etc. with selected products such as peaches, nectarines, cherries, plums, apples, apricots, and other fruit and vegetables, in combination with citrus fruits, spices and herbs "sealed" in jars, which when you open them surprise you pleasantly with their delicate aromas, and when you taste them they pleasantly shock even the most demanding palate.


Acclaimed chef and farmer George Karavangelas, originally from Velvento, Kozani, is a lover of Mediterranean traditional and modern Greek cuisine, and creates unique and special products. His goal is to continue to offer high quality creations, delivering a wonderful overall dining experience.

"Velvento is my place. I was born here and I loved everything. If you don't love the place where you live you will never succeed in prospering.  You have to understand the environment you live in, so that you can creatively use and develop the possibilities it offers so that you can both survive economically and have a good quality of life."

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